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  Customer Spotlight

REAL Services will profile some of our technically sophisticated clients.  These clients are from wide variety of industries, testing a wide variety of equipment, lubricants and fluids.  Below is a list of some of the industries and their equipment these manufactures utilize to manufacture their goods and services.  In this section we will provide "SAVE REPORTS".  These reports will summarize the clients problems and or issues and how REAL Services identified the root cause and direct the most cost effective resolution.  Whom PM Program uses Analytical Ferrography, Oil Analysis or other lubricant and fluid testing.

Chemical and Fertilizer:  Plumbing Fixture Fittings & Trim:
 Drapery Hardware; Window Blinds & Shades:  Automotive Stampings:
 Plastics Materials;                                                      Synthetic Resins & Elastomers:  Fluid Power Valves & Hose Fittings:
 Pharmaceuticals:  Internal Combustion Engines:             [88]
[167]   [218]
 Adhesives & Sealants:  Textile Machinery:
 Petroleum Refining:                         [23]  [111]  Fluid Power Pumps & Motors:      [36]   [433]
 Lubricating Oils & Greases:  Power Distribution &                      [83]   [97]
 Specialty Transformers
:              [109]  [201]
 Fabricated Rubber Products:  Motors & Generators:
 Plastics Products:  Electrical Equipment & Circuitry:
 Gypsum Products:  Automatic Controls for Regulating
 Steel Works; Blast Furnaces & Rolling:  Totalizing Fluid Meters & Counting Devices:
 Gray & Ductile Iron Foundries:  Orthopedic & Prosthetic:
 Steel Foundries:  Games, Toys, & Children's Vehicles
 Aluminum Die-Castings:                    [41]  Electric Services:
 Primary Metal Products:  Optical Products:
 Cutlery:  Commercial Physical & Biological Research:
 Enameled Iron;                                                             Metal Sanitary Ware:  Aviation - Aerospace Products:            [167]
 Mineral Mining:                                    [66]  Natural Gas Transmission:
 Surgical Appliances:  Injection Molding Machinery:
 Fresh Water Pumping:                      [433]  Power Generation:                     [36]  [132]  [311]
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