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REAL Services' customers are engaged in producing manufacturing power, distribution, instrument, and specialty transformers.

REAL Services' LTC3 pioneered a Revolutionary and truly Predictive / Proactive testing methods and data interpretation for determining the operational heath and integrity of Electrical Transmission & Distribution Equipment.  Rather than simply testing Insulating Oil Condition; NOW Transformers, Load Tap Changers (LTC), Oil Filled Circuit Breakers (OCB), Voltage Regulators and other T&D Equipment Condition & Reliability can be monitored, trended and quantified.; provided by REAL Services along with our exclusive SAVE REPORT which provided Return On Investment and Cost Justification for your T&D PM Program.

Electrical Transmission & Distribution

Case Study # 97

These results are obtained, by REAL Services' patented testing procedures, from a first time sample tested due to erratic performance.  Load Tap Changer; C-03422-5-1; is one of two-(2) main LTC of the municipality.

Recommendation: Schedule this unit for maintenance action. Specifically, secure mounting hardware and reduce water contamination to eliminate electrical discharge inside LTC.


Although test results indicated moisture levels were within acceptable limits, analytical results show strong evidence Coking and metal oxidation of the components.  of attracting inappropriate electrical charges, faulting, corona, arcing, sparking, and over heating.

Over heating is producing Filming, Coking and  Metal Oxide  build-up.  Failure is imminent.

Note: This was a FIRST time this equipment has been tested.


Upon inspection of C-03422-5-1, severe pitting found from arcing with serious Filming, Coking and  Metal Oxide build-up found.

Secondary Damage, Property Damage and Service Interruption was avoided.  Downtime was minimized.  Maintenance scheduled and performed during convenient time interval.

LTC3 optimized equipment performance and savings for the utility, customers and investors.


Original Component Savings:                      1,150,000
Secondary Damage Savings:                                N/A
Business Interruption:                                         26,220
Property Damage:                                                   N/A
Rush Shipping Cost Savings:                                N/A
Overtime Repair Savings:                                      N/A                                     Total SAVINGS:   $ 1,176,220

Now available one simple test to determine the condition of T&D Equipment Reliability based on the that equipment.

- NO special sampling containers or expensive test.

- One-(1) test to determines the precursors for Coking, Filming, Electrical Shorts and even the break down of Paper Insulation & Plastic Insulation.


....       Raising T&D Equipment Condition  Testing to a Higher Power.


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