Transformer  LTC Load Tap Changer OBC Oil Filled Circut Breaker Reactor

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With LTC3 there is no need to wait for aging transformers' to speculate whether the insulating fluid is acidic and attacking the internal components or interior of the tank.

Cutting Edge Technology ...

The First Testing
Technology Advancement since the 1960's.

Utilized on oil filled T&D equipment:

Load Tap Changers
Oil Filled Circuit Breakers
Voltage Regulators

LTC3 can distinguish Red Metal Oxides (Fe2O3) both a-type Hematite (from exterior contamination source) and b-types or rust.  Black Metal Oxides (Fe3O4); Corrosion (FeO) properties.  Each metal oxide is a specific indicator or potential problems.  Oxidation removes valance electrons an inhibits detection by spectrographic techniques.

REAL Services LTC3  specifically detects these various metal oxides and corrosion properties.  Experience is required in evaluating the data, as there are factors such as specifically determining corrosive attack on the transformer or other T&D equipment are related to other criteria and are crossed reference for verification.  Or simply speculate whether the "Oil Condition" might be attacking the internal components and tank.

....       Raising T&D Equipment Condition Testing to a Higher Power.

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