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REAL Services' revolutionary testing methods is the first developed since the 1960's for testing of electrical transmission & distribution equipment.

The LTC3 Technology is based on "Equipment Condition" and is independent of insulating fluid type.    Dramatic results can be obtained from the initial sample.  No need for the accumulation of years of test data.

Cutting Edge Technology ...

The First Testing
Technology Advancement since the 1960's.

With LTC3 testing ...

Now you can see what you are missing!

Transformer Coking

Filming Case Study

Transformer Tank Corrosion Corrosion Case Study
Transformer Filming Arcing Case Study
Transformer Insulation DGA Failure - LTC3 SAVE
T&D Equipment Condition T&D Testing Shift View
T&D Testing

LTC3 samples extraction is quick & easy and can be performed by your own personnel.

REAL Services' LTC3 is the only truly Predictive/Proactive testing for electrical transmission & distribution Equipment Condition.

....       Raising T&D Equipment Condition Testing to a Higher Power.

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