Transformer  LTC Load Tap Changer OBC Oil Filled Circut Breaker Reactor

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 LTC3 testing is utilized on all T&D equipment filled with insulating fluid.  Including synthetics and biodegradable fluids.   Transformer sample indicates either loose mounting hardware or harmonic resonance fatigue. 

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Samples extracted from Oil Filled Circuit Breakers (OCB) and Load Tap Changer (LTC) side of the transformer identifies excessive tension or force settings for the contacts.

LTC3 is a patent protected technology that distinguish potential component failures.  Such failures include LTC shaft alignment problems as well as force and tension problems.   REAL Services' patented technology reflects components internal temperatures in the 330C (626F) range.

REAL Services' LTC3  specifically detects these various components problems requires  evaluating and cross referencing of data.  Examples displayed on this web site are a small portion of the potential problems identified by LTC3 protocol.  These images are clear and specific examples of problems for illustration purposes.  Or simply speculate whether the "Oil Condition" might be attacking the internal components and tank.

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