Transformer  LTC Load Tap Changer OBC Oil Filled Circut Breaker Reactor

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With LTC3 there is no need to wait for aging transformers' cellulose insulation to deteriorate from the exposure of extreme temperatures.  Which results in charring, furanic compounds can be destroyed and the resulting generation of carbon oxides may be the only by-products remaining in significant quantities.

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Technology Advancement since the 1960's.

Utilized on oil filled T&D equipment:

Load Tap Changers
Oil Filled Circuit Breakers
Voltage Regulators

LTC3 distinguishes insulating material such as natural fiber material or synthetic fiber material.  Natural fiber materials such as wool, cotton, paper and other cellulose material from synthetic fiber material such as long chain polymers or plastic insulation.


REAL Services LTC3  specifically detects the early stages of paper insulation degradation.  Experience is required in evaluating the data, as there are factors such as type of insulation preservation/oil, type of conductor wrapped insulation, family of transformer, and treatment of the oil or the transformer, which can influence the interpretation.


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