Transformer  LTC Load Tap Changer OBC Oil Filled Circut Breaker Reactor

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With LTC3 there is no need to wait for aging transformers' to fault as the result of the accumulation of Filming.  Transmission & Distribution Industry as “Filming” are indication of over stress on the fluid.  The structure of these polymers are apparently the result of polymerization of the insulating fluid molecules to form a large coherent structure from the catalyst of temperature and stress.

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Utilized on oil filled T&D equipment:

Load Tap Changers
Oil Filled Circuit Breakers
Voltage Regulators

LTC3 can distinguish all three-(3) types of Filming.  These long chain polymer structures bond to component surfaces inhibiting proper conductivity.  During the formation of the polymer other material such as Coking is embedded into the matrix.


REAL Services LTC3  specifically detects the early stages of Filming.  Experience is required in evaluating the data, as additional factors such as the extended period of time these polymers caused by carboxylic acids and/or alcohols contribute to the acidity of the insulating fluid, depleting additives and can also contributes to corrosion.


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