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With LTC3 there is no need to wait for aging transformers' to fault as the result of the accumulation of Coke.  Dielectric coolant (petroleum, synthetic or biodegradable) insulating fluid, the conversion of high-boiling residual liquid, under the catalyst of heat and pressure, to higher-value naphthas, and other light products. The process produces as a by-product a dry, predominantly carbonaceous residue called coke. 

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Coking is a problem with all oil filled T&D equipment:

Load Tap Changers
Oil Filled Circuit Breakers
Voltage Regulators

LTC3 can distinguishes coking, which builds up continuously until it reaches an unacceptable level, that level depends on the type of electrical T&D equipment, operating conditions and the dielectric fluid.  Coke remains suspended in the oil as they are too small to be removed by the filter. 

REAL Services LTC3  specifically detects the early stages of Coking both quantitatively and qualitatively.  Our team of experienced technicians & analysts evaluates the data, there  factors such as an extended period of time for the conversion caused by the catalysts  in insulating fluid.  Elevated coke levels tend to precipitate onto contact surfaces and reduce the conductivity, hence, increases the resistant properties of these surfaces, resulting in greater power draw across the contacts or other conducting surfaces.

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