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REAL Services welcomes Electrical Power Tranmission & Distributors as well as Testing Laboratories to introduce you to this cutting edge patented technology for your T&D Equipment PM Program.         For Details Call us at 1-800-483-REAL

  U.S. Patent - 6,691,557                                                                            Download e-Brochure

With deregulation, utilities are under continual budgetary pressures to minimize overhead cost that may include items such as staffing, training and preventive/proactive maintenance (PM) practices.  The results of budget reduction items may severely impact the equipment operational reliability to such an extent that the initial savings may result in a financial hardship when unplanned downtime occurs.

Transformer maintenance programs have traditionally been based on thorough routine inspections.  These inspections were made in addition to normal daily/weekly data gathering trips to check oil levels and temperatures. 

U.S. Patent # 6,691,557  &  6,928,861

REAL Services has pioneered a Revolutionary testing technology and data interpretation for determining the operational heath and integrity of Electrical Transmission & Distribution Equipment.

The distinction is now made between "Oil Condition" and "Equipment Condition"; for Transformers, Load Tap Changers (LTC), Oil Filled Circuit Breakers (OCB), Voltage Regulators and other T&D Equipment.  Testing for the, Reliability & Asset management.

Testing Comparison
T&D Equipment Case Study
T&D Equipment Condition Report
T&D Testing

Now available one simple test to determine the condition of T&D Equipment Reliability based on the that equipment.
  - NO special sampling containers or expensive test;
  - Problems detectable from the first sample;
  - One-(1) test to determines the precursors for:
  - Coking;  - Filming;  - Electrical Shorts;   - Contact Tension;  - Seal Integrity;
  -  Volatile & Explosive Compounds;  - Moisture Content;  - Tank Corrosion;
    break down of Paper Insulation & Plastic Insulation and other problems.

....       Raising T&D Equipment Condition  Testing to a Higher Power.


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