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REAL Services' technically sophisticated clients included establishments that are primarily engaged in the manufacturing of Electrical
Power, Transmission and Distribution of electrical power, and Specialty Transformers and maintenance.

These electrical generating stations maintenance plan include Ferrography and Oil Analysis; provided by REAL Services along with our exclusive SAVE REPORT that provides Return On Investment and Cost Justification of your PM Program.

Electric Power - Force Draft Fan

Case Study # 132

Force Draft Fan #2; is one of four-(4) units for this Gulf Coast generation facility.  This unit was first rated CRITICAL 8/06/1999.

Recommendation: Schedule this equipment for maintenance action. Specifically the appearance of the combination of Rolling & Severe Sliding wear, composed of Copper Alloy and High Carbon (~12%) steel wear. Most likely an abnormal shaft wear problem.


Equipment Particle Analysis (EPA) shows an increase in size and severity of wear particle. Heat treatment of particle shows the presence of high concentrations of 65 micrometer (m) High Carbon (~12%) steel Severe Sliding wear and the presence of 120 micrometer (m) Copper (including Brass & Bronze) Alloy combination  Rolling Contact and Severe Sliding wear.


Upon opening of #2 Forced Draft Fan; the oil slinger rings show excessive wear of both the rings and the shaft.

Secondary Damage, Property Damage was minimized. Service Interruption & Downtime was minimized. Maintenance scheduled and performed during holiday weekend slow period.

Optimized equipment performance and savings for the utility, customers and investors.


Original Component Savings:                                 11,500
Secondary Damage Savings:                                   8,675
Down Time Min./Production hrs. Savings:               5,450
Business Interruption:                                                  1,625
RUSH Shipping Cost Savings:                                  1,050
Parts & Inventory Warehouse Savings:                         600
Overtime Repair Savings:                                           8,750   
                                Total SAVINGS:            $ 37,650


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