Oil Analysis

Oil Analysis is a series of laboratory tests used to evaluate the lubricant or fluid condition.  By studying the results of the used oil analysis tests, a determination of equipment/component condition can be made.  Primarily, this is possible because of the “cause and effect” relationship of the condition of the lubricant to the condition of the component sampled.  REAL Services' unique analysis provides customer with their own lubricant reference data while graphing viscosity (D-445), any four-(4) Elements from the spectra chemical (D-5185) and four-(4) aspects of FT-IR spectra (D-7418).

Oil performs several vital functions with many of them being interrelated.  The ability of the oil to perform as designed can be determined by used oil analysis.  Following is a list of some primary lubricant functions that can be evaluated:

Elemental analysis is used to evaluate and quantify wear metal elements, additive elements and contamination elements.  Wear metals are analyzed to pinpoint problem areas through trend analysis.  By analyzing the additive elements the oil classification of a sample can be verified, i.e. hydraulic oil, transmission fluid, or engine oil.  Contamination elements are reviewed to determine lubricant serviceability and to pinpoint causes of problems indicated by other test results.  REAL Services typically tests for 21 elements.  Additional elemental testing is available upon request.

To-day, oil analysis programs utilize modern technology and laboratory instruments to determine equipment condition and lubricant serviceability.  Used Oil Analysis testing by REAL Services uses state-of-the-art laboratory instrumentation and techniques to provide the best oil analysis possible.  The service will provide the user with invaluable information leading to greater equipment reliability.


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