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PM Program is the process of corporate assets management based on a specific mentality or philosophy. Reliability-Centered Maintenance, often known as RCM, is an industrial improvement approach focused on identifying and establishing the operational, maintenance, and capital improvement policies that will manage the risks assessment of equipment failure most effectively. Reliability centered maintenance is an engineering framework that enables the definition of a complete maintenance regime. It regards maintenance as the means to maintain the functions a user may require of machinery in a defined operating context.  The purpose is to increase equipment reliability, equipment availability wile simultaneously reducing unplanned downtime, parts, inventory and damaged products.
Every company has a "PM Program".  The question is what does your "PM Program" mean ...

Predictive Maintenance or Proactive Maintenance       Condition Based

Preventive Maintenance                                                    Calendar Based

Panic Maintenance  or Corrective Maintenance             Repair Based or Reactive Maintenance

The important functions (of any single piece of equipment) to preserve with routine maintenance are identified, their dominant failure modes and causes determined and the consequences of failure ascertained. Levels of criticality are assigned to the consequences of failure. Some functions are not critical and are left to "run to failure" while other functions must be preserved at all cost. Maintenance tasks are selected that address the dominant failure causes. This process directly addresses maintenance preventable failures. Failures caused by unlikely events, non-predictable acts of nature, etc. will usually receive no action provided their risk (combination of severity and frequency) is trivial (or at least tolerable). When the risk of such failures is very high, RCM encourages (and sometimes mandates) the user to consider changing something which will reduce the risk to a tolerable level.

Reliability Centered Maintenance can be used to create a cost-effective maintenance strategy to address dominant causes of equipment failure. It is a systematic approach to defining a routine maintenance program composed of cost-effective tasks that preserve important functions.  The result is a maintenance program that focuses scarce economic resources on those items that would cause the most disruption if they were to fail.  Hence, a return-on-investment (ROI) for each maintenance dollar spent on any given PM Program is expected.

RCM emphasizes the use of Predictive maintenance (PdM) techniques in addition to traditional preventive measures.  PM Program management responsibilities can vary. For instance, routine testing and monitoring of manufacturing rotating equipment program management responsibilities include the responsibilities for data collection program:

                Emission Spectroscopy (Elemental or Spectro-chemical Analysis)
                    21 Elements
                Infrared Spectroscopy (FT-IR)
                    Moisture        Oxidation        Nitration
                    Sulfates          Solvents         Insolubles

To-day, oil analysis programs utilize modern technology and laboratory instruments to determine equipment condition and lubricant serviceability.  Contact REAL Services and have us help you customize PdM Program for you, your company and investors; Making your PM Program mean "Profit Making"


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