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producing crude petroleum and natural gas; extracting oil from oil sands and oil shale; producing natural gasoline and cycle condensate; and refining of hydrocarbon liquids from coal processing of plastics & polymers.

Types of activities included are catalytic conversion, pressurization and general processing & refining of oil and gas well operation and maintenance.   Refinery maintenance plans include Ferrography and Oil Analysis; provided by REAL Services along with our exclusive SAVE REPORT which provided Return On Investment and Cost Justification of your PM Program.

Petroleum Refining - Gearbox Train

Case Study # 23

These results are from a Free Trial 'SNEAK PEEK' sample.  Test results and data were obtained from a FIRST TIME sample, from Refinery Alki-1.  The equipment is a Falk Refractor Compressor Gearbox Train.   This equipment was rated CRITICAL.

Recommendation:  Schedule equipment for shut down. Inspection for possible alignment problem and abnormal bearing wear mode in progress.


Equipment Particle Analysis (EPA) shows 50 micrometer (um) white non-ferrous (Babbitting Alloy) Severe Sliding Wear particles BEFORE Heat Treatment. Note the rainbow appearance denoting the high heat and resulting tempering at the critical contact point from the high heat being generated.


Upon opening of Alky-1 Gearbox, seven-(7) of the nine-(9) sleeve or journal bearings show striations near the outboard ends. The gear set was found to have extensive pitting of both the bull gear and pinion gear.  Significant secondary damage was avoided.  Gear set saved.


Original Component Savings:                           20,000
Secondary Damage Savings:                           25,000
Down Time Min./Production hrs. Savings:       63,000
RUSH Shipping Cost Savings:                                   0
Parts & Inventory Warehouse Savings:                      0
Overtime Repair Savings:                                            0     
                                 Total SAVINGS:   $ 108,000


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