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REAL Services' technically sophisticated clients included establishments that are primarily engaged in the manufacturing of Die Cast products for components utilized in various industries from aerospace, automotive to heavy equipment and toys.

These non-ferrous metal die casting facilities' PdM maintenance plans include Ferrography and Oil Analysis; provided by REAL Services along with our exclusive SAVE REPORT that provides Return On Investment and Cost Justification for their PM Program.

Die Casting

Case Study # 41

These results are from the a 2000 Ton Prince Die Cast Machine.  This unit was experiencing performance issues.  Analytical results indicated the presence of copper alloy (including Brass & Bronze) components.

Recommendation: Schedule equipment shut down. Inspection for possible cylinder ring or possible bushing problem.


Equipment Particle Analysis (EPA) shows 30 micrometer (um) Copper Alloy (including Brass & Bronze) Severe Sliding Wear particles as seen in the initial sample taken on 1/14/1998.  Copper alloy wear generated from cylinder ring.



Upon equipment shut down and inspection, cylinder ring found with serious wear.

Secondary damage avoided.

Downtime and repair cost minimized.


Original Component Savings:                                       N/A
Secondary Damage Savings:                                       N/A
Down Time Min./Production hrs. Savings:                   N/A
RUSH Handling Cost Savings:                                      N/A
RUSH Shipping Cost Savings:                                      N/A
Parts & Inventory Warehouse Savings:                         N/A
Overtime Repair Savings:                                               N/A        
                                     Total SAVINGS:    $ WARRANTY


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