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REAL Services' technically sophisticated clients included establishments that are primarily engaged in the manufacturing of Electrical
Power, Transmission and Distribution of electrical power, and Specialty Transformers and maintenance.

These electrical generating stations maintenance plan include Ferrography and Oil Analysis; provided by REAL Services along with our exclusive SAVE REPORT that provides Return On Investment and Cost Justification of your PM Program.

Power Plant - Generation Pump

Case Study # 36

BFN U RCIC Pump; although the equipment particle concetration (EPC) of 1,073 is within acceptable limits; this FIRST time sample was rated CRITICAL.

Recommendation: Consider scheduling this equipment for maintenance action in the near future. Specifically bearing failure is resulting in shaft alignment problem.


Although the equipment particle concentration (EPC) OF 1,073 is within acceptable limits of this type of equipment in this application, analytical results show the presence of 140 micrometer (um) medium alloy steel Cutting/Plowing wear particle.  The Cutting/Plowing wear particles are thin shavings, indicating a two-(2) body wear contact and an alignment problem.




Analysis also shows the presence of 60um ferrous Rolling Contact (Bearing) wear and 20um Copper Alloy (including Brass & Bronze) Rolling Contact wear particles.

An incipient bearing failure is in progress resulting from an alignment problem.


Upon opening of BFN U RCIC Pump; serious shaft scoring is seen.  Pump was scheduled for removal from service with sufficient time to the to bring backup equipment on line.

Secondary Damage, Property Damage was minimized. Service Interruption & Downtime was minimized. Maintenance scheduled and performed during holiday weekend slow period.

Optimized equipment performance and savings for the utility, customers and investors.


Original Component Savings:                                           0
Secondary Damage Savings:                                           0
Down Time Min./Production hrs. Savings:                       0
Business Interruption:                                                         0
RUSH Shipping Cost Savings:                                         0
Parts & Inventory Warehouse Savings:                            0
Overtime Repair Savings:                                                  0    
                                Total SAVINGS:    $ Not Released


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