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REAL Services, offers our clients a complete line of reports providing a wide range of information regarding there particular circumstances and criteria.  We offer our clients these reports electronically.  For your convenience your information is sent directly to your e-mal and any collogue e-mails you designate.

So please, view, or download our selection of sample reports, and see how we can provide you the information you need in the time frame that you expect.  

If you would like your own customized reports, follow the link to our SNEAK PEEK program.   This free offer will demonstrate how REAL Services with an effective PdM Program can save you money through extended lubricant life while maintaining safe equipment.

Because you are short on time;  Because you NEED your Oil Analysis, Ferrography or any other testing you request from us; REAL Services takes both the responsibility and the initiative to e-mail your test results in the same color, graphical & pictorial format you are accustom to directly to your e-mail account.  Then REAL Services also follow-up to ensure you received your vital test data.

Current Sample of our e-Reports:


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