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REAL Services' technically sophisticated clients included establishments that are primarily engaged in the manufacturing and utilization of Aviation & Aerospace products, components and EDM (Electro Discharge Machining)

These aviation and aerospace manufactures maintenance programs include Ferrography and Oil Analysis; provided by REAL Services along with our exclusive SAVE REPORT that provides Return On Investment and Cost Justification of your PM Program.

Aviation Engine

Case Study # 167

Wright R-2600 "Cyclone" radial starboard engine of vintage World War II B-25-H Mitchell bomber. The equipment particle concetration (EPC) of 172,416 is much higher than expected; this is the FIRST time this equipment was tested and rated CRITICAL October, 2000.

Recommendation: Consider scheduling this equipment for maintenance action in the near future. Specifically abnormal Aluminum piston or cylinder wear with evidence of over heating. Possible shaft alignment problem.


Analytical results show the presence of 40 micrometer (um) tempered white non-ferrous metal Severe Sliding wear.  This white non-ferrous metal is most likely Aluminum, scoring on the piston.  Tempering is the rainbow coloration resulting from elevated temperatures at the critical contact point.  Temperatures at this critical contact point are in the 330C (624F) range.  The particle seen in this equipment are of sufficient size to cause a metal to metal interference with close tolerance components.




Testing also shows the presence of 75um Cutting/Plowing wear indicates there is an alignment problem. The high concetration of Cutting/Plowing wear is composed of High Carbon steel (~12%). The high concetration of Cutting/Plowing wear and the absence of significant contaminant and abrasive debris indicate this to be a two-(2) body wear contact. 

The tempering supports the supposition of elevated temperatures at the critical contact point resulting as well as the formation of Phase-1 & Phase-2 Filming (Varnish & Lacquer) compounds seen in this image.


Upon opening of starboard engine (43-4106); the piston was found with significant striations with Varnish & Lacquer accumulation as result of over heating of the oil. The main shaft showed scoring  as the result of alignment problem.

Secondary Damage, was minimized. Identification of spare engine was located & Downtime was minimized. Preservation of historic artifact was sustained. 

Optimized equipment performance and avoided in-flight catastrophic failure.


Original Component Savings:                                           0
Secondary Damage Savings:                                           0
Down Time Min./Production hrs. Savings:                       0
Business Interruption:                                                         0
RUSH Shipping Cost Savings:                                         0
Parts & Inventory Warehouse Savings:                            0
Overtime Repair Savings:                                                  0    
                                Total SAVINGS:    $ Restoration Costs Not Provided


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