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In the early 1970's under a research contract for the United States Navy, an objective was mandated to develop a more accurate diagnostic method for determining abnormal wear conditions in shipboard equipment. Initial interest was in accurate determination of wear condition of jet turbines and submarines which do not have easy access to repair facilities. The researches succeeded, and the technology was call Ferrography.

Development of Ferrography continued in the private sector over the next ten years and was eventually obtained by BP America (formerly Standard Oil of Ohio; SOHIO) in 1984. An extensive program to improve techniques and the technology resulted in successful demonstrations of the technologies' capabilities in various refineries and chemical plants. In 1985, the technology was commercialized and serves a wide variety of industries.

REAL Services
is the most comprehensive PdM Laboratory with practical experience relating Equipment Particle Analysis (Ferrography; EPA), Used Lubricant Analysis (ULA), Thermography and related documentation necessary for conducting your comprehensive PdM Program. The only commercial laboratory services offering, training in ULA and EPA interpretation, significance of data, sampling training, supplies and accessories for industry and academia. Customer Care, PdM Analysts, Technical Sales and Laboratory Technicians have experience since 1985 in testing, analyzing, and resolving questions about your equipment from over a million tests performed on a wide variety of components. Technical Sales Representatives are experienced for your specific industry and have experience from around the world to provide on-site or remote trouble shooting right when and where your need them most.

REAL Services
' PdM is Non-Destructive testing techniques employing, photo and optical microscopy technique to evaluate the Size, Shape, Composition and Concentration of equipment particles in any lubricant medium, including grease independent of whether it is a Hydrocarbon, Synthetic-Hydrocarbon, Non-Hydrocarbon, Water Based Lubricant or Grease. These technologies are the most sensitive non-intrusive methods to determine equipment condition and works particularly well with other technologies such as thermography and vibration. REAL Services capabilities include a wide variety of other testing for lubricants and fluids
following and adhering to ASTM, FTM and ISO Standards and protocols.

Documented customer equipment SAVES and reduced downtime/repair costs demonstrate a typical 10:1 return on investment for each maintenance dollar spent on testing & analysis. REAL Services is a leader in providing advanced, timely, orderly and low cost and rewarding predictive maintenance information to domestic Fortune 1000 companies. Utilizing a unique "Customer Care" concept is one of our many strengths, resulting in reduced costs and increased productivity for both our Benefactors and REAL Services.

REAL Services has offices, laboratory and training facility located in Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.  REAL Services has a policy of being environmentally contentious.  In efforts to minimize waste and control costs all data is transmitted electronically, other waste, including used oil, is recycled by companies that are certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and as complying with the strictest state and/or Federal guidelines for recycling of these materials.

Since its inception, REAL Services has been locally owned and operated by the same leadership team, building a PdM relational database of equipment information and test results. This "Table Of Standards" (TOS) of all data is categorized by manufacturer, model, component type, lubricant type, industry, location, etc., and can be sorted and evaluated as to wear characteristics and patterns for specific component to make the most accurate predictive and proactive asset management program available today.


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