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Press Release

The greatest Blackout in history was August 14, 2003, affecting 2 countries, 10 states & providences and 21 power generation plants and an estimated 50 million customers for nearly 30 hours.  The blackout disrupted lives and activities, everything from banking, transportation, commerce, entertainment and daily living, at an uncalculated cost.  REAL Services believes you, the power industry, electrical transmission & distribution equipment manufactures, investors and consumers will find the following Press Release of significant interest.

REAL Services, a woman owned business, based on Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio recently was awarded a United States Patent for “Electrical Transmission & Distribution (T&D) Equipment Reliability Testing”.  REAL Services specializing in the field of equipment reliability through Predictive / Proactive Maintenance (PdM), has experience since 1985.

 Research of this novel technology was initiated in 1998 with several western power providers for determining the precursors and earliest warning possible with one simple & affordable test for such substation equipment problems as:

  ●  Coking;

  ●  Erosion Products;

  ●  Filming;

  ●  Resonance Harmonic Fatigue;

  ●  Insulation Degradation;

  ●  Oxidation & Corrosion;

  ●  Explosive Gases;

  ●  Excessive Temperatures;

  ●  Water Contamination;

  ●  Outside Contaminants;


 ....  and many other problems.

LTC3 Technology is the first new innovation for substation (T&D) Equipment Condition, Substation Reliability, operational integrity and asset management developed since the 1960’s.  REAL Services’ revolutionary new LTC3 Technology is applicable to all substation power equipment. 

Load Tap Changers
ircuit Breakers
        Reactors, Switches & Voltage Regulators 

The LTC3 Technology patent advances the reliability of substations and helps minimize service interruptions, Black Out, reduce costs to utilities, investors and consumers.



....       Raising T&D Equipment Condition Testing to a Higher Power.

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