Particle Count
                         (Size & Distribution)
NAS-1638 100 mL
Particle Count
                         (Military Standard)
MIL-1246 100 mL
Particle Count
                        (Size & Distribution)
ISO-11500 100 mL
Manual Particle Count - Microscope Method
                        (Size & Distribution)
ISO-4407 100 mL
Solid Contamination Code - Cleanliness Rating
                        (Small & Large particles)
ISO-4406 100 mL
SAE Cleanliness Class
uniform method for representing contamination)
AS4059 100 mL
NAS Cleanliness Classes
uniform method for representing contamination)
NAS Cleanliness 100 mL
SAE Contamination Grades
uniform method for representing contamination
SAE Contamination 100 mL
Particle Identification
                        (Ferrography with 1 Image)
ASTM-D-7684 10 mL
Comprehensive Equipment Condition Analysis (ECA)
                        (Analytical Ferrography)
ASTM-D-7690 10 mL
Direct Reading Ferrograph
                        (Large & Small particles)
DR 10 mL
Filter Debris Analysis (FDA)
                         (various filter media)
ASTM-D-7919 10 gr
Particulate Contamination
                        (Filter Patch Test)
ARP-598 250 mL
Institute of Environmental Sciences & Technology
                        (Contamination Control - Product Cleanliness Level)
IEST-STD-CC-1246E 100 mL
Air Force Standard for Particulate Contamination
                        (Particle Contamiination Level - By Class)
TO 42B2-1-12 100 mL
Navy Standard for Particulate Contamination
                        (Particle Contamiination Level - By Class)
NAVAIR 01-1A-17 100 mL
Particulate Contamination
                        (Gravimetric Method)
ISO-4405 100 mL
Spectrometal Data Atomic Emission Spectroscopy
                        (21 Elemental)  (Graph upto 3 Elements)
ASTM-D-5185 10 mL
Sediment in Oil
                        (Centrifuge Method)
ASTM-D-96 100 mL
Precipitation Number
                        (Centrifuge Method)
ASTM-D-91 10 mL

All testing Services are subjected to the following condition:

1. Immediate results upon completion of tests can be verbally transmitted
    by e-mail, phone or fax if requested;

2. Typewritten results will be forwarded on ALL Analytical tests.

3. Published prices will hold firm unless prior notice is issued;

4. Specialized laboratory projects can be arranged by contact
    on an hourly basis.

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