Analysis of Grease
ASTM-D-128 1 lb
Apparent Viscosity
ASTM-D-1092 2 lb
Bethlehem Steel Combo Test Part A & B
LT-18 1 lb
Corrosion, Bomb Copper
(20 hrs.)
ASTM-D-1261 30 gm
Corrosion Copper ASTM-D-4048
50 gm
Dirt Count
FTM-3005 50 gm
Dropping Point ASTM-D-566 or ASTM-D-2265 5 gm
Elastomer Compatibility  NBR-L & CR Type
ASTM-D-4289 200 gm
 NBR-L & CR Type   100 gm

(Instron Tensile Strength Testing also Available)

Emcor Rust Test 
(per bearing)
IP-220 / DIN 51802 500 gm
Evaporation                                (to 440F)   @ 22.0 hrs. ASTM-D-972  20 gm

 @ 72.0 hrs.

Evaporation Loss                                           @   6.5 hrs. FTM-350 25 ml

 @ 22.0 hrs.

Falex Pin & V-Block Test ASTM-D-2625
A or B
150 gm
Falex Pin & V-Block Tooth Wear Test
ASTM-D-2670 200 gm
Film Stability & Corrosion on Steel
Mil-G-27617 20 gm
Fretting Wear
ASTM-D-4170 5 gm
Friction Analysis, Rolling Contact
Proprietary 20 gm
Gear Wear, Navy
FTM-3353 20 gm
High Temperature Bearing Performance
(set up)   Running Time
ASTM-D-3336 20 gm
Elemental Spectrochemical Data Atomic Emission
(21 Elemental)  (Graph upto 3 Elements)
I.C.P. ppm 5 ml
FT-IR Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
(Oxidation, Nitration, Soot, Solvent)
1/cm  Abs 5 ml
Leakage of Wheel Bearing Grease
ASTM-D-4290 200 gm

Life Performance of Wheel Bearing Grease
(up to 120 hrs)

ASTM-D-3527 50 gm
Load Wear Index
(4-Ball EP)
ASTM-D-2596 500 gm
Low Temperature Torque                    (-20F to -100F) ASTM-D-1478 20 gm

(-101F to -125F)


(-126F to -150F)

Low Temp. Torque of Wheel Bearings
ASTM-D-4693 25 gm
Mean Hertz Load
FTM-6503 500 gm
Mobility of Grease                                                77F U.S.S. Method LT37 1 lb

0F to 60F


Below 0F

Molybdenum Disulfide Content
FTM-3722 20 gm
Neutralization Number
(pH 11 end point)
ASTM-D-664 20 gm
Oil Separation, Wire Cone Method ASTM-D-6184  
100 gm
Oil Separation
IP-121 200 gm
Oil Separation, Koppers Centrifuge Method
(set up)  per day
ASTM-D-4425 200 gm
Oil Separation
ASTM-D-1742 200 gm
Oil Separation
(200 x 1.0 mm Nickel Cone, 50 hrs)
B & D 100 gm
Oil Separation, Pressure Cylinder
U.S. Steel 100 gm
Oxidation Bomb                                               @ 100 hrs ASTM-D-942 50 gm

  @ 500 hrs


  @ 1000 hrs

Penetration Cone
(Worked or Unworked)
ASTM-D-217 1 lb
Penetration Cone
( or Scale)
ASTM-D-1403 20/5 gm
Penetration Cone
(Worked Stability)
FTM-313 1 lb
Resistance of Grease to Fuel
FTM-5414 10 gm
Resistance of Grease to H2O & Ethanol
FTM-5415 20 gm
Roll Stability
             (also Wet & Elevated Temperature)
ASTM-D-1831 100 gm
Rust Prevention Properties
ASTM-D-1743 25 gm
Salt Spray Corrosion Test;
                                               48 hrs @ 5% salt
ASTM-B-117 1 pt
Sea Water Rust Preventative Properties
ASTM-D-5969 25 gm
Sozhlex Extraction of Base Oil
  20 gm
Specific Gravity
Grease Pycnometer 20 gm
Spectrometal Data Atomic Emission Spectroscopy   (21 Elemental)  (Graph upto 3 Elements) ASTM-D-5185 5 gm
Swelling Rubber                                              @   72 hrs. FTM-3603 500 gm

 @ 168 hrs.

Timken Load Carrying
ASTM-D-2509 1 gal
Total Base Number
ASTM-D-4739 20 gm
U.S. Steel Retention Test;
                                       4 gram (33 or 43 lbs)
Timken Retention Test 20 gm
Viscosity of Greases
                                      @ High Temperature
ASTM-D-3232 10 gm
Water by Distillation
ASTM-D-95 200 gm
Water Spray Off
ASTM-D-4049 20 gm
Water Washout Characteristics,
                                                         100F or 175F
ASTM-D-1264  20 gm
Wear Preventative Characteristics
(4-Ball Method)
ASTM-D-2266 50 gm
with Computer Enhanced Coefficient of Friction
Wheel Bearing Leakage
ASTM-D-1263 200 gm

All testing Services are subjected to the following condition:

1. Immediate results upon completion of tests can be verbally transmitted
    by e-mail, phone or fax if requested;

2. Typewritten results will be forwarded on ALL Analytical tests.

3. Published prices will hold firm unless prior notice is issued;

4. Specialized laboratory projects can be arranged by contact
    on an hourly basis.

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