Standard Test Methods for Analysis of Lubricating Grease

1.1 These test methods for analysis cover greases of the conventional type which consist essentially of petroleum oil and soap. The constituents which can be determined are soap, unsaponifiable matter (petroleum oil, etc.), water, free alkalinity, free fatty acid, fat, glycerin, and insolubles.

Note 1-Any of the test methods described herein are best used by an experienced grease analyst who may also be able to make appropriate adaptations of the techniques as occasion requires.

1.2 A supplementary test method is provided in the Appendix. This test method is intended primarily for application to greases containing thickeners which are essentially insoluble in -hexane, and to greases which cannot be analyzed by conventional methods because of the presence of such constituents as nonpetroleum fluids or nonsoap-type thickeners, or both. In some cases, these constituents can react with strong acid or alkaline solutions.

1.3 These test methods appear in the following order:

Sections Ash Determination 7 to 11 Insolubles, Soap, Fat, Petroleum Oil, 12 to 20 and Unisponifiable Matter Free Alkali and Free Acid 21 to 23 Water 24 Glycerin (Quantitative) 25 to 29.



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