Acidity of H2O Layer
ASTM-D-1093 100 ml
Air Release Properties;
                                        25C; 50C or 7C
ASTM-D-3427 200 ml
Aniline Point
ASTM-D-611 100 ml
Apparent Vapor Pressure
ASTM-D-2878 50 ml
Ash Content
ASTM-D-482 50 gm
Auto ignition Temperature ASTM-D-2155
50 ml
Base Number
                        (Perchloric Acid Method)
ASTM-D-2896 20 gm
Blue Soap Test
JTI-JAN-98 20 gm
Bulk Modulus
Mil-H-83282 200 ml
Boiling Water Emersion
FTM-3463 5 gm
Borderline Pumping Temperature
ASTM-D-3829 100 ml
Bromine Number
ASTM-D-1159 20 gm
Brookfield Viscosities
  100 ml
Carbon Residue; Conradson
ASTM-D-189 20 ml
Carbon Residue; Ramsbottom
ASTM-D-524 20 ml
Chlorine, Sodium Alcohlate Method
ASTM-D-1317 100 ml
Cincinnati Milicron Thermal Stability
Procedure A 300 ml
Cloud Point
ASTM-D-2500 100 ml
Contamination, Particulate
FTM-3009 200 ml
                          Trace Sediment
ASTM-D-2273 200 ml
Color, ASTM or Sabolt ASTM-D-1500 or ASTM-D-156 100 ml
Copper Strip Corrosion
8-24-72 hrs.
ASTM-D-130 100 ml
                                           @ 168 hrs.    
                          (Bimetallic Couple)
FTM-5322 10 ml
Corrosive & Oxidation Stability FTM-5307  

347F to 392F / 48 hrs

  300 ml

347F to 392F / 96 hrs

Corrosion & Oxidation Stability FTM-5308  

to 428F / 72 hrs

  200 ml

to 168 hrs

Demulsibility Characteristics;
                            (Lube Oils or E.P. Oils)
Proc. 8.2 or X2.1
500 ml
ASTM-D-86 100 ml
Emcor Rust Test
                            (per bearing)
IP-220 / DIN-51802 500 ml
Emulsion Characteristics
                            (54C or 82C)
ASTM-D-1401 100  ml
Evaporation Loss
                            @ 6.5  hrs.
25 ml
                            @ 22 hrs    
Evaporation Loss
                            @ 6.5  hrs.
FTM-350 25 ml
                            @ 22 hrs    
Falex Pin & V-Block Test
 A or B
150 ml
Falex Pin & V-Block Tooth Wear
ASTM-D-2670 150 gm
Flash or Fire Point
                            (Cleveland Open Cup)
ASTM-D-92 100 ml
Flash and Fire Point
                            (Cleveland Open Cup)
ASTM-D-92 100 ml
Flash Point
                            (Pensky-Martens Closed Cup)
ASTM-D-93 100 ml
Flash & Fire Point
                            (Tag Open Cup)
ASTM-D-1310 100 ml
Foaming Characteristics;
                            (Seq. I only)
ASTM-D-892 200 ml
Foaming Characteristics;
                            (Seq. I, II, III)
ASTM-D-892 500 ml
Foaming Characteristics;
                            (Seq. I, II, III, IV)
ASTM-D-892 (modified) 500 ml
Friction Analysis,
                            (Rolling Contact)
Proprietary 20 ml
Gravity, API or Specific ASTM-D-287 
500 ml
                            (Lipkin Bicapillary)
ASTM-D-941 10 ml
High Temperature Stability
Mil-H-83282 100 ml
High Pressure Spray Ignition
FTM-6052 1 gal.
Humidity Cabinet Test
                              (Typical 100 hour test)
ASTM-D-1748 / FTM-5329 1000 ml
Hydrolytic Stability
ASTM-D-2619  200 ml
Hydroxyl Number
ASTM-D-1957 20 gm
FT-IR Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
                              (Oxidation, Nitration, Sulfates, Soot, Solvent in Abs/cm)
ASTM-D-7418 5 ml
Iodine Number
Wijs Method 50 ml
Lead Corrosion
FTM-5321 600  ml
Load Wear Index
                              (4-Ball EP)
ASTM-D-2783 200 ml
Molecular Weight
ASTM-D-2878 50 gm
Molecular Weight Boiling Point Technique 20 ml
Neutralization Number,
ASTM-D-975 50 ml
Neutralization Number,
                              Potentiometric (pH 11 end point)
ASTM-D-664 50 ml
Oxidation Induction Period
ASTM-D-525 100 ml
Oxidation Stability
                              up to 2000 hrs.
ASTM-D-943 1 Liter
                              after 2000 hrs.   per day
Oxidation Stability
                               (of EP Gear Oils)
ASTM-D-2893 500 ml
Pentane & Toluene Insolubles
ASTM-D-893 50 ml
Peroxide Number
ASTM-D-3703 20 gm
Pour Point
ASTM-D-97 100 ml
Precipitation Number
ASTM-D-91 200 ml
Quenching Time of Heat Treating Fluid
ASTM-D-3520 500 ml
Rotating Bomb Oxidation Test
ASTM-D-2272 200 ml
Rust Prevention
                              A or B
ASTM-D-665 1 Liter
Salt Spray Corrosion
                              (48 hrs; 5% Salt Fog)
FTM-4001.2 / ASTM-B-117 1 pt
Saponification Number
ASTM-D-94 100 ml
Sludge Tendencies of Inhibited Mineral Oil
ASTM-D-4310 500 ml
Specific Heat by DSC ASTM-D-3947 or
  5 gm
Elemental Spectrochemical Data
                              (21 Elemental)  (Graph upto 3 Elements)
ASTM-D-5185 5 ml
Stability, Low Temperature
                              (0F to -20F)
FTM-3459 200 ml

                              (below -20F)

Sulfate Ash
ASTM-D-874 50 gm
Swelling of Rubber ASTM-D-4289  

   FS 72 hrs @ 302F

Mil-L-7808 300 ml

   FA 72 hrs @ 347F

Mil-L-7808 300 ml

   FA 72 hrs @ 400F

Mil-L-23699 400 ml

   QVI 72 hrs @ 302F

Mil-L-7808 300 ml

H 168 hrs @ 158F

FTM-3604 400 ml

H 72 hrs @ 158F

FTM-3604 400 ml

L 168 hrs @ 158F

FTM-3603 400 ml
(Additional Elastomer Testing Available)    
(Instron Tensile & Tear Strength Testing also Available)    
Thermal Stability & Corrosivity
                                  (Sealed Ampule)
FTM-3411 100 ml
Thin Film Oxygen Uptake Test
ASTM-D-4742 20 gm
Timken Load Carrying
ASTM-D-2782 1 gal
Total Bacterial Counts/ml
Colony/ml  10 ml

Total Fungal Counts/ml
                                 (anaerobic Yeast & Mold Colony Forming Units)

Colony/ml  10 ml
Total Base Number
ASTM-D-4739 20 gm
Trace Sediment
ASTM-D-2273 200 ml
Vapor Pressure by Isoteniscope
                                 (Single Point)
ASTM-D-2879 10 ml
Vapor Pressure,
ASTM-D-2878 50 gm
Viscosity, Brookfield
                                  (Ambient +)
ASTM-D-2983  100 ml
                                  (Below Ambient)    
Viscosity, Scanning Brookfield
                                   (to -45C)
ASTM-D-5133 300 ml
Viscosity, Kinematic
                                   (Ambient to 104F)
ASTM-D-445 50 ml
                                   (Low Temp. to -65F)    
Viscosity Index
ASTM-D-2270 /
SUS (Sabolt Universal Seconds)
Water by Distillation
ASTM-D-95 250 ml
Water Content,
                                   Karl Fischer
ASTM-D-1744 50 ml
Water By Sediment in Crude & Fuel Oils
ASTM-D-96 50 ml
Water Displacement & Stability
FTM-3007 100 ml
Water by Thermal Transfer
                                     (sensitive to 700 ppm)
  5 ml
(notes other contaminants such as Refrigerant, Ammonia & Freon)    
Wear Preventative Characteristics
                                     (4-Ball Method)
ASTM-D-4172 50 ml
   with computer enhanced Coefficient of Friction ASTM-D-4172-cf 50 ml
   (440C, M-50 Bronze and other bearing metals available at additional cost)    
Water Sensitivity
Mil-H-46170 500 ml
Wick Ignition
FTM-352 100 ml
 Oil Analysis (21 Elemental) (Graph upto 3 Elements)
                             (Oxidation, Nitration, Soot, Solvent)

All testing Services are subjected to the following condition:

1. Immediate results upon completion of tests can be verbally transmitted
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2. Typewritten results will be forwarded on ALL Analytical tests.

3. Published prices will hold firm unless prior notice is issued;

4. Specialized laboratory projects can be arranged by contact
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