G.M. Quenchometer Test
         (Chromized-Nickel Ball w/ new oils only)
ASTM-D-3520 200 ml
G.M. Quenchometer Test
           (when run on used oil - requires TAN & Pentane >0.5 w/ Nickel Ball)
ASTM-D-3520 200 ml
Quenchalzer Cooling Curve
         (Characteristics of Cooling Curve Calculation w/ Drayton)
 ASTM-D-6200 gal
Cleanliness Precipitation Number
Centrifuge Method)
ASTM-D-91 10 ml
Pentane Insolubles
         (membrane method)


3 ml
Total Acid Number (TAN):
        (Neutralization by colormetric method titration (Range 0-2 mg KOH/gram oil)
ASTM-D-974 10 ml

Viscosity, Kinematic
                                          (Ambient to 104F)

ASTM-D-445 50 ml
 Water by Distillation
 ASTM-D-95 250 ml
Flash or Fire Point (C.O.C.)
ASTM-D-92 100 ml

All testing Services are subjected to the following condition:

1. Immediate results upon completion of tests can be verbally  transmitted
    by e-mail, phone or fax if requested;

2. Typewritten results will be forwarded on ALL Analytical tests.

3. Published prices will hold firm unless prior notice is issued;

4. Specialized laboratory projects can be arranged by contact
    on an hourly basis.

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