Boiling Point
ASTM-D-1120 100 ml
Congealing Point
ASTM-D-938 10 gm
Corrosion of Solid Film Lubrication
ASTM-D-2649  200 gm
Drop Point
(Microcrystalline Waxes)
ASTM-D-127 5 gm
Freezing Point
ASTM-D-1177 50 ml
Glassware Corrosion
ASTM-D-1384 1 gal
Iron Chip Corrosion Test
ASTM-D-4627 20 gm
Melting Point of Waxes
ASTM-D-87 5 gm
Oil Content
Penetration of Waxes
ASTM-D-1321 100 gm
 (used for softer unrefined waxes)
ASTM-D-937 100 gm
Reid Vapor Pressure
ASTM-D-323 500 ml
Reserve Alkalinity
ASTM-D-1121 20 ml
Thermal Stability of Fuel
ASTM-D-1661 500 ml
Titer Point of Fatty Acids
ASTM-D-1982 50 gm
Total Bacterial Counts/ml
(anaerobic Colony Forming Units)
Colony/ml  10 ml

Total Fungal Counts/ml
(anaerobic Yeast & Mold Colony Forming Units)

Colony/ml  10 ml
Non-Volatilities by Evaporation @ 100C
  100 ml

All testing Services are subjected to the following condition:

1. Immediate results upon completion of tests can be verbally transmitted
    by e-mail, phone or fax if requested;

2. Typewritten results will be forwarded on ALL Analytical tests.

3. Published prices will hold firm unless prior notice is issued;

4. Specialized laboratory projects can be arranged by contact
    on an hourly basis.

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