Filming U.S. Patent # 6,691,557  &  6,928,861

Both natural petroleum and synthetic products are subject to oxidation, with resultant degradation of their composition and performance. The process is accelerated by heat, light, metal catalysts (e.g., copper), and the presence of water, acids, or solid contaminants. The first reaction products of oxidation are organic peroxides. Continued oxidation catalyzed by peroxides, forms alcohols, aldehydes, ketones, and organic acids, which can be further oxidized to form high-molecular-weight, oil-insoluble polymers; oxidation can be minimized by good maintenance of oil and equipment to prevent contamination and excessive heat.

Components will combine with available oxygen under certain conditions to form a wide variety of harmful by-products.  Heat, pressure, and catalyst materials accelerate the oxidation process.  By-products of oxidation form lacquer deposits, corrode metal parts and thicken oil beyond their fictional specifications.

To-day, oil analysis programs utilize modern technology and laboratory instruments to determine equipment condition and lubricant serviceability.  Used Oil Analysis testing by REAL Services uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to provide the best oil analysis possible.  The service will provide the user with invaluable information leading to greater equipment reliability.


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