REAL Services will buy used equipment

Specialized laboratory instrumentation utilized for equipment reliability assessment.  For the making of Ferrograms or Ferrographs for the use in Analytical Ferrography and Equipment Particle Analysis. 

REAL Services will purchase both operating and non-operational instruments.


Duplex Ferrograph Maker

Instruments known as:

  • Ferrogram Maker
  • Ferrograph Maker
  • Slide Maker
  • Duel Ferrograph Maker
  • Duplex Ferrograph Maker
  • Analytical Ferrograph
  • FM

Other instruments and manufactures may be considered on a case by case basis.


Duel Ferrograph Maker


Instruments SOLD by:

  • Foxboro / Trans-Sonics
  • Telus
  • Sohio Predictive Maintenance Services
  • Carborundum
  • Instrument Technologies
  • Standard Oil
  • BP North America
  • Predict Monitoring Service
  • Predict Technologies


Back Plate

$$$   Best Offer Based on Age & Condition   $$$

REAL Services is interested in buying used equipment; please contact us for details.



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