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Width: 259mm (10.2 in)
Height:  554mm (21.8in)
Depth: 554mm (25.3in)
(Spec. is w/out camera equip.)

Power input:
10 VA / 110, 220, 240 Volts

FERRO-View  BX50

Representative equipment lubricant sample is prepared and processed with the REO-1 Instrument which controls the patterns of deposition on REAL Services® specially designed substrate which allow particles to arrange themselves according size, composition and concentration.  This unique arrangement permits the observation through the FERRO-VIEW BX50. 

FERRO-VIEW BX50 is a compound Bi-chromatic optical microscope.  Preset for metallurgical study utilizing X & Y-Axis stage for easy
particle coordinate location.

 High numerical aperture and ocular eye piece allows particle measurement in all three-(3) dimensions of length, width and thickness.  Particle thickness can be measured to 0.5mm.   

Unique objective configuration allows the highest range of magnification choices available with the most economical cost.

100X, 200X, 500X and 1000X.

 REAL Services® has configured the FERRO-VIEW BX50 with a variety of light filters, analyzers and polarizers to analyze equipment particles’ composition.

 FERRO-VIEW BX50 Upon has optional color camera configuration to interface with FERRO-WARE’s  relational data base and diagnostic software program.

 Video cameras available for either Composite or RGB interface
 by NTSB or PAL signal input. 

English Documentation

 1 Year Warranty (220 V / 50HZ) or (120 VAC/ 60 Hz)

 3 and 5 Year Warranty  (Optional)  Call for pricing



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